Access Entry Systems

Over 50% of the UK population have some sort of access control fob, code or card to access their work place and or home.

Speak to and see who is at your door from anywhere in the world and then if needed open the door. Or a simple audio and video system upgrade, at Instant Protect we cover all commercial and domestic access entry systems.  From a one button system to IP systems in 10,000 person offices.
We use our tailored approach to supply and design the system that’s right for you with your required functions to make sure your system is up to date and has longevity. For example you can have one card across multiple sites. We can install a new system or work with existing cabling.Access Entry Systems

  • Access Entry Systems control
  • Both Commercial and Domestic
  • New Systems or System Upgrades
  • Wired / Wireless or Hybrid
  • Maintenance on any system
  • IP systems
  • Free Apps you can open your door from anywhere
  • Video and audio only systems
  • Blocks and new developments
  • 1-10,000 person access control and building management systems

Stand alone or combined systems: bespoke or packaged

Home Security with Smart Home - access entry systems