Best Security Systems for the Home

the best security systems for the home from instant protectBest Security Systems for the Home

Here at Instant Protect we often get asked for our advice on securing homes and businesses and the main question that comes up is ‘What are the Best Security Systems for the home?‘.  Needless to say we have spent many years researching and fitting the best security systems around on the market place, so here’s our advice.

“The Instant Protect team were absolutely brilliant at understanding what our home needed and not over-selling products. They set up a good value, stable system which is viewable online and doesn’t require any great technical know-how to operate. The cameras are wired to a hard drive that links to the net. There have been very few glitches so far, and if anything needs a tweak or further explanation, Instant Protect have always been available to come round and sort it out. Thanks to the great team. Five stars.”

Jeremy Vine @thejeremyvine on Twitter

Security Doors and Windows

A wide range of security doors

A wide range of security doors

When giving guidance on the best security systems for the home, doors and windows have to be a primary consideration.  We see it as essential to have good doors and windows.

We manufacture to various levels of security, depending on your needs and preferences, including bullet proof and explosion resistant amongst others. Our doors and windows can be made to any style or finish and we can even replicate your items, so they’re indistinguishable from the originals. Several patented security features have been implemented into the steel structure of the door, which not only makes it impenetrable, they are also invisible, so that no one will be any the wiser that it’s a security door. best security systems - stylish windows and doors

You can be stylish and secure – prices start from £2,999 and we ensure you get 10 times more door for your money.

**Our Door and Window products are tested for: Burglar resistance, Fire resistance, Energy efficiency, Sound proofing, Durability, Rain and wind, Smoke, Ballistic, Blast.Locks and Lock Standards

Locks and Lock Standards

There is a lot of information out there about locks and lock standards,  we often refer to the insurance companies for what is deemed good for your policy coverage.  This document on locks and standards from Aviva Risk Management Solutions is a good guide.

“Lock Types

All locks consist of four main parts, the case, the key/locking mechanism, the lock bolt mechanism and its receiving recess. The three basic forms of lock case are:-

Mortice Lock – A lock case designed to be fitted within a door or window. Where a handle operated latch is incorporated, such locks are called ‘mortice sashlocks’.

Rim Lock – A lock case designed to be fitted on the internal surface of a door or window.

Padlock – A lock designed to be removable and which has a shackle (lockbolt) that passes through a separate staple/hasp. Two types exist, open shackle and closed shackle padlocks. An open shackle type has a shackle that, when placed through the staple, would allow a bolt cutter to be used, or a jemmy inserted, to attack the shackle. A closed shackle type does not permit such access, and is thus inherently more secure. Hardened steel lock cases, or plates within it, can hinder an attack by drilling.

Two common key/locking mechanisms are:-

Lever Locks – A lock where the key has a number of stepped notches which, when the key is first turned, engage with a set of levers within the lock case. When all the levers are correctly raised the key can turn fully and operate the lock.

Cylinder Locks – A lock where the key has a number of ridges along its length which, when the key is inserted into the cylinder, engage with sprung pins inside it. When all the pins are correctly raised the key can turn the cylinder to operate the lock. …”

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are another great tool for home Security systems.  Our system offers a new concept in home security systems, where you can have control at all times.  The wireless alarm system offers you ultimate home security by connecting into your home using a Smartphone application or your computer.  From here you have the choice to view the inside of your home with the visual verification capability, and the option to arm or disarm the system, wherever you are.

Furthermore, all images taken are saved on the server and cloud so that you always have a record of events, should you need it.
home surveillance systems, home secrity

There is a lot of tech out there, from design of doors to surveillance technology.  What you need will depend on your situation.  Why not contact us for a no obligation site survey.

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Next week’s post will bring you more on security for you business.

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