Plumis Automist vs Smartscan System?

Plumis Automist vs Smartscan

Has your designer, building control officer, builder or architect told you that you will need a Plumis Automist or the brand new Plumis Smartscan system installed and or fire curtains?

Plumis automist vs smartscanIf they have be warned, you may not have had the correct advice! Your property may not gain a completion certificate because the escape route is not enclosed or a number of other reasons. At Instant Protect we know the systems and regulations and will ensure a smooth process leading to a safe home and a completion certificate without altering your dream layout.
Confused about the process and what you need to do? Let Instant Protect guide you, we specialise in fire engineered solutions such as Plumis Automist, Smartscan suppression systems and fire curtains that mean you can have that lovely open plan layout you have always dreamt of.
We are fully accredited Plumis Automist and Smartscan designers, suppliers, installers and commissioners covering North, East and West London and the surrounding area.
We understand the whole process from design to commissioning certificate. We work with Plumis Automist and Smartscan on a daily basis and we are used to working seamlessly with all involved parties to obtain that all important building control completion certificate.
Please contact us for a free no obligation site survey, we’d love to help.

Intruder or Burglar Alarms London

Experts in Security:  Intruder or Burglar Alarms in London

Home security is a necessity and a bit of a minefield if you don’t have a trusted industry leader guiding you through the process.
The great news is that at Instant Protect we are experts in security, be it a one bedroom flat a large family home or a commercial or industrial space. We are a very robust family firm that pride our selves in the design and quality of our installations and of course having the latest technology that we cater to your budget and needs.
We are not here to sell, we are here to protect and that is why we perform a detailed risk assessment of your property or site, we then recommend both physical security with simple measures like good lighting secured perimeter and fencing, through to locks, security doors and windows, safes and vault rooms.

About our Intruder and Burglar Alarms

We complement this with our cutting edge app controlled home hub with EN Grade 2 intruder alarm with internal and external cameras, lock control, fire and of course response options 24/7 365.  smart home protection cameras and burglar alarms
As well as lighting control, heating control,TV and music. All from a home tablet or app any where in the world.
Again it’s up to our customer what areas they want to implement and there is no obligation on any section of your quotation.
If you want to see more on our Security Systems please click here.  Or read what our customers think please click the link below and see what our burglar and intruder alarm clients have to say about us.
We can’t thank you enough for our new house alarm system – its given us the peace of mind that our house and family are secure and safe. I’m really not technical at all and its so easy to use. The system is incredibly flexible and works around our pets and our lifestyles -we can even check on our house while we were travelling. From our first enquiry phone call to you through to the installation, your customer service and staff have been impeccable and so happy to help – with the perfect measure of professionalism and friendliness .
Areas we cover include: Chiswick, Hammersmith , Shepherds Bush , Richmond, Kew, Barnes, Putney, Fulham, Knightsbridge, Kensington, Twickenham, Belgravia, The Boltons, Holland Park , Nottinghill Gate, Nottinghill, Ladbroke Grove, Highgate, Primrose Hill, Camden, Regents Park, Mayfair, Marylebone, Temple, Soho, The City of London , Esher, Sunningdale, Clapham, Clapham Junction, Shoreditch, Brentford, Isleworth, Hoxton, Haggerston, Ealing, Pinner, Harrow on the Hill, Oxford Street.


Smart Home Technology – Is Your Home Smart Enough?

Bring Smart Home Technology into your Home

Smart Home Security


Itʼs here. Itʼs affordable, and itʼs time to turn your house into a simple to use Smart Home, making your home more efficient, more secure and more interactive, saving you time and money.

This is the future

A simple future, where you have control of your home from anywhere in the world simply by using an App on your phone. You can set your security system, turn your heating up or down, open doors, turn lights on or off, open garage doors, and even change your TV channel or the music playing in individual rooms. All from an App or control tablet in your home from anywhere in the world. Genius hey?

With our Smart Home technology, we can save you time and money, all the while giving you peace of mind that your home is safe and secure. Whether you are driven by energy efficiency or the need to claw back more time in your life – Smart Homes can help.

Smart Home Technology for the Office

If you work from home and have employees coming and going, your office can run in the same way giving multiple users access to the “smart office” all with their own user ids and codes.

As Smart Home industry leaders in London we have clients all over London particularly smart home and home control in West London, Chiswick, Shepherds Bush, Richmond , Sheen, Chelsea In North London primrose hill, highgate , hampstead with more content.

Get in touch for a FREE no obligation site survey. We can offer full design, supply, commission and maintenance intruder alarm and camera upgrades turning your alarm into a smart, easy to use App based alarm system, with live High Definition alerts. The only thing we canʼt help you with is if you forget to charge your phone – thatʼs up to you weʼre afraid!

For a full Smart Home package, wire and mess-free, fire, AV and access control solutions – look no further than Instant Protect.

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Home Security Systems in London

So What About Home Security Systems in London

Burglary results from the metro

Highest postal areas for contents claims on home insurance policies: Click for more


So what about Home Security Systems?  It is pretty much given that, if you live in a City, there will be a certain element of crime around. However worryingly, crime levels are on the rise, and this includes burglary. Not only are your contents under threat, but also your personal safety. MoneySuperMarketʼs annual Burglary Claims Tracker has identified the places that are the Capitalʼs burglary hotspots after analysing two million home insurance quotes run on the website over the last two years.  Content Source

At Instant Protect, we can protect your home using the latest in technology meaning that you and your family are kept safe.

Kevin Pratt, consumer affairs expert at MoneySuperMarket says, ʻThe best way to avoid the emotional turmoil and financial distress associated with a burglary is to be vigilant, make a concerted effort to secure your home and put in place the safety net of appropriate contents insurance in case the worst should happen.ʼ But what happens if you live in an area where there are strict restrictions about what can and canʼt be put on or in your home?  Burglary Hot Spots


We were recently called out to a Grade II listed property in Central London to fit a home security system after the owners were increasingly worried about a spate of robberies in the area. Access for cables was a major issue due to the listed status so we had to come up with a solution that was workable, but also fitted in with the guidelines and aesthetics of the building. In areas such as this, unsightly external cables or trunking arenʼt an option. In this instance, we enlisted our Heights Team of abseilers to scale the outside of the building, ensuring that any cables were hidden discretely behind the drain pipes and guttering, bringing them through to one central location where it was linked to our network video recorder. This means the property remains untouched internally, and any external cables are invisible to the outside.

Once your home security system is in place, you will be connected at all times through your phone, tablet or computer. These systems will allow you to see cameras inside or outside of your home; set or unset the system; view any event on the system and receive live alerts anywhere in the world! Invisible, fool proof and up to date in terms of technology, we have a 100% non intrusion rate. Every system we have has visual verification, allowing you to stay in touch with whatʼs happening with the system and the control room, calling the police immediately avoiding false alarms and unnecessary police call outs.

We recognise all sites are individual and that is why every security system we design is tailored to meet your needs from our most basic to our most advanced. Our free no obligation site survey ensures that our systems always fit the purpose, are installed to British Standards, using the best certified technology and are insurance approved, meaning they are perfect for any application. Donʼt let your home and loved ones become another crime statistic.

Give Instant Protect a call and let them take the worry out of your security.






Home Control in a listed Farmhouse

How do you do Home Control in a Listed Farmhouse – well?

Home Control is very important but so is subtlety.  Imagine you have just moved into your beautiful 14th Century Listed Farmhouse. You are embracing the period features, relieved that you donʼt need to knock any walls down (which would be virtually impossible with planning regulations anyway), and you are now planning your summer holiday abroad for two Sympathetic home control securityweeks. Two weeks away from your home. You are in a desirable location, and your house could be vulnerable with no-one there to monitor it, but surely security systems are both expensive and intrusive to the eye? You really donʼt want unsightly cameras ruining the look of your house – not very in-keeping with the 14th Century feel of the house is it?

At Instant Protect we are used to dealing with unique buildings and structures, be it a state of the art office block or a 14th Century listed cottage. We develop a bespoke solution to every situation to ensure the security of our clients, but also keeping it in line with the aesthetics of the building.

Home control with Instant ProtectOur security cameras can be the same colour as the beams, meaning they blend in with the surroundings, thus avoiding a big intrusive camera immediately catching your eye. A number of LED security lights around the property also ensures adequate lighting for the client, but also enough light from a security point of view.

home surveillance systems, home control & security

Home Control

We can also install a system that gives you the ability to be able to control the security of your home from anywhere in the world. Our Smart Home advanced system allows you to control who is at the gate via your mobile phone, and if appropriate, open it, all the while monitoring the cameras to see who is on the property.

Smart Home is a simple feature, where you have home control from anywhere in the world.  To make you more secure, while saving money and most valuably saving you time. If you forgot the dog walker was coming round, or having some building work carried out while you are away – simply use your phone to unlock the door or gate, unset the alarm and allow access to your property. This means you are always in touch with your home so you know what is going on, and more importantly, who is in it.

Planning Permission is Home control hidden cameranot normally required for installing a security alarm, though if you live in a listed building or conservation area you should check with your Local Planning Authority. At Instant Protect we can advise whether this is necessary when we discuss your requirements.home control and security systems

Instant Protect are specialists in unique joined up solutions for all types of property. Whether it is a house in London or a cottage in country, we can offer a solution that is right for your individual needs, meaning you can enjoy your holiday with complete peace of mind.

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Style versus Security in the home

Style versus Security

ʻAn Englishmanʼs home is his castleʼ, or so the saying goes.

We often get asked if it is style versus security when choosing a security door and our answer is simple,  no – our doors are stylish and secure and here’s why.  Whether you live in a grand castle, a modest 4 bed semi or a 1 bed bungalow by the sea, itʼs ʻyourʼ castle, and one you want to feel safe in. It may be your family home, handed down through generations, or a stop gap until the ʻdream houseʼ comes along. It may be your first home you have bought together, or an executive apartment that fits in with your busy lifestyle. Wherever you make your home, you want to make sure that you are safe and secure, both when you are at home and away.

Security Doors Style versus Security

Stylish Security Doors

You could of course get a couple of Dobermans and let them roam the garden, or have your very own security men on standby, but that is a tad excessive (and costly) for most of us (have you seen how much a Doberman eats, and not to mention the mess it makes in the garden!!!). So you need to be confident that the choice you make when it comes to making your home safe is not only the right one as far as security is concerned, but is also aesthetically pleasing too.

But do you have to have the battle of style versus security, or can you have style AND security???

At Instant Protect, we have a dedicated team who take pride in designing and creating the best security products on the market, that are not only one of the best for all round security, but also fit in with the style of your home too. With over fourteen years experience in manufacturing security doors, windows and other entry systems, we use the best quality materials coupled with the latest technology.

Our doors, windows and safe rooms are created using highly sophisticated computer controlled design and manufacturing techniques, which provide the highest possible levels of precision. This ensures that they are burglarproof, water-tight, soundproof and resistant to fire, smoke and wind. With this constant evaluation, weʼve created a door that is strong, yet light and does not compromise on the highest levels of security.

Our doors and windows can be made to any style or finish and we can even replicate your items, so theyʼre indistinguishable from the originals. Several patented security features have been implemented into the steel structure of the door, which not only makes it impenetrable but also invisible, so that no one will be any the wiser that itʼs a security door. So when it comes to security technology, Instant Protect are the innovators and always one step ahead (and make a lot less mess than the Dobermans…!!!).

Best Security Systems for the Home

the best security systems for the home from instant protectBest Security Systems for the Home

Here at Instant Protect we often get asked for our advice on securing homes and businesses and the main question that comes up is ‘What are the Best Security Systems for the home?‘.  Needless to say we have spent many years researching and fitting the best security systems around on the market place, so here’s our advice.

“The Instant Protect team were absolutely brilliant at understanding what our home needed and not over-selling products. They set up a good value, stable system which is viewable online and doesn’t require any great technical know-how to operate. The cameras are wired to a hard drive that links to the net. There have been very few glitches so far, and if anything needs a tweak or further explanation, Instant Protect have always been available to come round and sort it out. Thanks to the great team. Five stars.”

Jeremy Vine @thejeremyvine on Twitter

Security Doors and Windows

A wide range of security doors

A wide range of security doors

When giving guidance on the best security systems for the home, doors and windows have to be a primary consideration.  We see it as essential to have good doors and windows.

We manufacture to various levels of security, depending on your needs and preferences, including bullet proof and explosion resistant amongst others. Our doors and windows can be made to any style or finish and we can even replicate your items, so they’re indistinguishable from the originals. Several patented security features have been implemented into the steel structure of the door, which not only makes it impenetrable, they are also invisible, so that no one will be any the wiser that it’s a security door. best security systems - stylish windows and doors

You can be stylish and secure – prices start from £2,999 and we ensure you get 10 times more door for your money.

**Our Door and Window products are tested for: Burglar resistance, Fire resistance, Energy efficiency, Sound proofing, Durability, Rain and wind, Smoke, Ballistic, Blast.Locks and Lock Standards

Locks and Lock Standards

There is a lot of information out there about locks and lock standards,  we often refer to the insurance companies for what is deemed good for your policy coverage.  This document on locks and standards from Aviva Risk Management Solutions is a good guide.

“Lock Types

All locks consist of four main parts, the case, the key/locking mechanism, the lock bolt mechanism and its receiving recess. The three basic forms of lock case are:-

Mortice Lock – A lock case designed to be fitted within a door or window. Where a handle operated latch is incorporated, such locks are called ‘mortice sashlocks’.

Rim Lock – A lock case designed to be fitted on the internal surface of a door or window.

Padlock – A lock designed to be removable and which has a shackle (lockbolt) that passes through a separate staple/hasp. Two types exist, open shackle and closed shackle padlocks. An open shackle type has a shackle that, when placed through the staple, would allow a bolt cutter to be used, or a jemmy inserted, to attack the shackle. A closed shackle type does not permit such access, and is thus inherently more secure. Hardened steel lock cases, or plates within it, can hinder an attack by drilling.

Two common key/locking mechanisms are:-

Lever Locks – A lock where the key has a number of stepped notches which, when the key is first turned, engage with a set of levers within the lock case. When all the levers are correctly raised the key can turn fully and operate the lock.

Cylinder Locks – A lock where the key has a number of ridges along its length which, when the key is inserted into the cylinder, engage with sprung pins inside it. When all the pins are correctly raised the key can turn the cylinder to operate the lock. …”

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are another great tool for home Security systems.  Our system offers a new concept in home security systems, where you can have control at all times.  The wireless alarm system offers you ultimate home security by connecting into your home using a Smartphone application or your computer.  From here you have the choice to view the inside of your home with the visual verification capability, and the option to arm or disarm the system, wherever you are.

Furthermore, all images taken are saved on the server and cloud so that you always have a record of events, should you need it.
home surveillance systems, home secrity

There is a lot of tech out there, from design of doors to surveillance technology.  What you need will depend on your situation.  Why not contact us for a no obligation site survey.

Email us for a site survey

Next week’s post will bring you more on security for you business.

Smart Home Protection – The Smarter Way to Protect

Smart Home Protection:  The smarter way to protect what matters most

Did you set the alarm when you left the house? Are the kids home from school? Has the postman delivered your parcel? Is the dog okay?

How many times have these questions wracked you with doubt?

Well, now you can relax. Because with our clever app you can checSmart Home Protectionk-in remotely.

Available for smartphone and tablet, the SmartAlarm app lets you keep a close eye on the security of your home and all the people in it, from wherever you are in the world. Whether you’re away on business, out with friends or taking a family holiday, with user alerts, snap-shots and instant access to real-time videos of what’s happening in your home, SmartAlarm gives you total peace of mind, 24/7.



Instant Protect Security Systems

Welcome to our new look site

Welcome to our new look website

Very shortly we will start blogging to keep you up to date on our new products and exciting technology that will keep you safe at home or at work.

In the mean time if you have any feedback we would love to hear it.