Smart Home Technology – Is Your Home Smart Enough?

Bring Smart Home Technology into your Home

Smart Home Security


Itʼs here. Itʼs affordable, and itʼs time to turn your house into a simple to use Smart Home, making your home more efficient, more secure and more interactive, saving you time and money.

This is the future

A simple future, where you have control of your home from anywhere in the world simply by using an App on your phone. You can set your security system, turn your heating up or down, open doors, turn lights on or off, open garage doors, and even change your TV channel or the music playing in individual rooms. All from an App or control tablet in your home from anywhere in the world. Genius hey?

With our Smart Home technology, we can save you time and money, all the while giving you peace of mind that your home is safe and secure. Whether you are driven by energy efficiency or the need to claw back more time in your life – Smart Homes can help.

Smart Home Technology for the Office

If you work from home and have employees coming and going, your office can run in the same way giving multiple users access to the “smart office” all with their own user ids and codes.

As Smart Home industry leaders in London we have clients all over London particularly smart home and home control in West London, Chiswick, Shepherds Bush, Richmond , Sheen, Chelsea In North London primrose hill, highgate , hampstead with more content.

Get in touch for a FREE no obligation site survey. We can offer full design, supply, commission and maintenance intruder alarm and camera upgrades turning your alarm into a smart, easy to use App based alarm system, with live High Definition alerts. The only thing we canʼt help you with is if you forget to charge your phone – thatʼs up to you weʼre afraid!

For a full Smart Home package, wire and mess-free, fire, AV and access control solutions – look no further than Instant Protect.

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Home Control in a listed Farmhouse

How do you do Home Control in a Listed Farmhouse – well?

Home Control is very important but so is subtlety.  Imagine you have just moved into your beautiful 14th Century Listed Farmhouse. You are embracing the period features, relieved that you donʼt need to knock any walls down (which would be virtually impossible with planning regulations anyway), and you are now planning your summer holiday abroad for two Sympathetic home control securityweeks. Two weeks away from your home. You are in a desirable location, and your house could be vulnerable with no-one there to monitor it, but surely security systems are both expensive and intrusive to the eye? You really donʼt want unsightly cameras ruining the look of your house – not very in-keeping with the 14th Century feel of the house is it?

At Instant Protect we are used to dealing with unique buildings and structures, be it a state of the art office block or a 14th Century listed cottage. We develop a bespoke solution to every situation to ensure the security of our clients, but also keeping it in line with the aesthetics of the building.

Home control with Instant ProtectOur security cameras can be the same colour as the beams, meaning they blend in with the surroundings, thus avoiding a big intrusive camera immediately catching your eye. A number of LED security lights around the property also ensures adequate lighting for the client, but also enough light from a security point of view.

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Home Control

We can also install a system that gives you the ability to be able to control the security of your home from anywhere in the world. Our Smart Home advanced system allows you to control who is at the gate via your mobile phone, and if appropriate, open it, all the while monitoring the cameras to see who is on the property.

Smart Home is a simple feature, where you have home control from anywhere in the world.  To make you more secure, while saving money and most valuably saving you time. If you forgot the dog walker was coming round, or having some building work carried out while you are away – simply use your phone to unlock the door or gate, unset the alarm and allow access to your property. This means you are always in touch with your home so you know what is going on, and more importantly, who is in it.

Planning Permission is Home control hidden cameranot normally required for installing a security alarm, though if you live in a listed building or conservation area you should check with your Local Planning Authority. At Instant Protect we can advise whether this is necessary when we discuss your requirements.home control and security systems

Instant Protect are specialists in unique joined up solutions for all types of property. Whether it is a house in London or a cottage in country, we can offer a solution that is right for your individual needs, meaning you can enjoy your holiday with complete peace of mind.

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Smart Home Protection – The Smarter Way to Protect

Smart Home Protection:  The smarter way to protect what matters most

Did you set the alarm when you left the house? Are the kids home from school? Has the postman delivered your parcel? Is the dog okay?

How many times have these questions wracked you with doubt?

Well, now you can relax. Because with our clever app you can checSmart Home Protectionk-in remotely.

Available for smartphone and tablet, the SmartAlarm app lets you keep a close eye on the security of your home and all the people in it, from wherever you are in the world. Whether you’re away on business, out with friends or taking a family holiday, with user alerts, snap-shots and instant access to real-time videos of what’s happening in your home, SmartAlarm gives you total peace of mind, 24/7.