What is a Fire Suppression System?

According to Wikipedia, a fire suppression system is ʻa system to control and extinguish fires without human intervention. Examples of automatic systems include fire sprinkler system, gaseous fire suppression, and condensed aerosol fire suppression. When fires are extinguished in the early stages loss of life is minimal since 93% of all fire-related deaths occur once the fire has progressed beyond the early stages.ʼ

Sprinkler systems have come a long way since The first system was practical automatic sprinkler system was invented in 1874 by Henry S. Parmalee of New Haven, CT.

Plumis Automist® Fire Suppression Systems

There are many systems on the market, however at Instant Protect we are accredited Plumis Automist® suppliers and installers. Automist® is a simple, sprinkler-alternative for full room active fire protection, and the winner of numerous international awards, changing the way people think about domestic fire protection.

How it Works

In the event of a fire, the system is triggered automatically by a ceiling mounted detector. Unlike conventional sprinklers, Automist® can be stopped manually by pressing a button on its control panel. As Automist® uses much less water than a traditional sprinkler system, water damage in the event of activation is minimised. Where desired, manual activation can also be Plumist automist fire suppression systemsprovided through a manual call point.

Once triggered, a small pump drives mains water through the unique nozzle unit, quickly filling the room volume with a dense fog. Automist® Smartscan has the best performance in the range, as it is targeted an infrared sensor, scans the room to locate its hottest point. Water mist removes heat and displaces oxygen from the fire zone, resulting in fire control, suppression or extinguishment. The intention is to lower the temperature, lessen the radiative heat and reduce the oxygen concentration to such an extent that combustion can be longer be maintained, and therefore reducing damage and maintaining survivable conditions.

Adding water to a kitchen chip pan fire can greatly exacerbate the fire, the same is not true for water mist, as the updraught from the flame and the evaporation of the tiny droplets prevents water from reaching and collecting in the pan.

There are four types of Automist® systems:

  • Smartscan (eg residential sprinkler equivalent)
  • Fixed wall head (eg open plan 3 storey house)
  • Personal protection system (eg vulnerable person protection)
  • Tap mount (eg kitchen fire safety upgrade).


Instant Protect – Accredited Plumis® Suppliers and Installers

If it all sounds a but daunting, donʼt worry as we will come and do a no obligation site survey, giving you the best system for your home or office. We also work closely with architects and designers at the inception of a building so you can be safe in the knowledge that your property complies with Building control allowing you to have open planned spaces within your home or offices. We also offer fire curtains that comply with the relevant building regulations to ensure escape routes are always clear and available. For a no obligation site survey, fill in the contact form on our free site survey page, or simply call us on 0808 1696383 (Free Phone) and a member of our team will be in contact to organise a suitable time for us to come and conduct a full survey of your property.