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So What About Home Security Systems in London

Burglary results from the metro

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So what about Home Security Systems?  It is pretty much given that, if you live in a City, there will be a certain element of crime around. However worryingly, crime levels are on the rise, and this includes burglary. Not only are your contents under threat, but also your personal safety. MoneySuperMarketʼs annual Burglary Claims Tracker has identified the places that are the Capitalʼs burglary hotspots after analysing two million home insurance quotes run on the website over the last two years.  Content Source metro.co.uk

At Instant Protect, we can protect your home using the latest in technology meaning that you and your family are kept safe.

Kevin Pratt, consumer affairs expert at MoneySuperMarket says, ʻThe best way to avoid the emotional turmoil and financial distress associated with a burglary is to be vigilant, make a concerted effort to secure your home and put in place the safety net of appropriate contents insurance in case the worst should happen.ʼ But what happens if you live in an area where there are strict restrictions about what can and canʼt be put on or in your home?  Burglary Hot Spots


We were recently called out to a Grade II listed property in Central London to fit a home security system after the owners were increasingly worried about a spate of robberies in the area. Access for cables was a major issue due to the listed status so we had to come up with a solution that was workable, but also fitted in with the guidelines and aesthetics of the building. In areas such as this, unsightly external cables or trunking arenʼt an option. In this instance, we enlisted our Heights Team of abseilers to scale the outside of the building, ensuring that any cables were hidden discretely behind the drain pipes and guttering, bringing them through to one central location where it was linked to our network video recorder. This means the property remains untouched internally, and any external cables are invisible to the outside.

Once your home security system is in place, you will be connected at all times through your phone, tablet or computer. These systems will allow you to see cameras inside or outside of your home; set or unset the system; view any event on the system and receive live alerts anywhere in the world! Invisible, fool proof and up to date in terms of technology, we have a 100% non intrusion rate. Every system we have has visual verification, allowing you to stay in touch with whatʼs happening with the system and the control room, calling the police immediately avoiding false alarms and unnecessary police call outs.

We recognise all sites are individual and that is why every security system we design is tailored to meet your needs from our most basic to our most advanced. Our free no obligation site survey ensures that our systems always fit the purpose, are installed to British Standards, using the best certified technology and are insurance approved, meaning they are perfect for any application. Donʼt let your home and loved ones become another crime statistic.

Give Instant Protect a call and let them take the worry out of your security.






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