Plumis Automist vs Smartscan System?

Plumis Automist vs Smartscan

Has your designer, building control officer, builder or architect told you that you will need a Plumis Automist or the brand new Plumis Smartscan system installed and or fire curtains?

Plumis automist vs smartscanIf they have be warned, you may not have had the correct advice! Your property may not gain a completion certificate because the escape route is not enclosed or a number of other reasons. At Instant Protect we know the systems and regulations and will ensure a smooth process leading to a safe home and a completion certificate without altering your dream layout.
Confused about the process and what you need to do? Let Instant Protect guide you, we specialise in fire engineered solutions such as Plumis Automist, Smartscan suppression systems and fire curtains that mean you can have that lovely open plan layout you have always dreamt of.
We are fully accredited Plumis Automist and Smartscan designers, suppliers, installers and commissioners covering North, East and West London and the surrounding area.
We understand the whole process from design to commissioning certificate. We work with Plumis Automist and Smartscan on a daily basis and we are used to working seamlessly with all involved parties to obtain that all important building control completion certificate.
Please contact us for a free no obligation site survey, we’d love to help.