Smart Home

As an Apple engineer once said, ‘a 100 page instruction manual for a pocket calculator is a fail’,  and that’s why the key to our systems is ease of use, reliability and affordability.

Welcome to the future

A simple future, where you have control of your home from anywhere in the world.   To make you more secure, while saving money and most valuably saving you time.   You should be able to securely run your home from an app on your phone and also internal control tablets setting your security system, turning your heating up or down, opening doors, turning lights on or off opening garage doors, changing your TV channel changing the music playing in individual rooms all from an app or control tablet in your home.

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Smart Homes

Smart Home Security

Smart Home Benefits

The benefits of a Smart Home are clear -money, time and security.  Whether you are driven by energy efficiency or the need to claw back more time in your life – Smart Homes can help- here are some examples of how:Smart Home Protection

Time:  if you forgot the dog walker was coming round – simply use your phone to unlock the door, unset the alarm and allow the dog to be walked.

Money:  by controlling your heating and lighting when you are not there or simple control to turn the heating down on a hot day.

Safety and connectivity:   always in touch with your home so you know what is going on.

Smart Home Office

Your office can run in the same way giving multiple users access to the “smart office” all with their own user ids and codes.

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Smart Home by Instant Protect