Style versus Security in the home

Style versus Security

ʻAn Englishmanʼs home is his castleʼ, or so the saying goes.

We often get asked if it is style versus security when choosing a security door and our answer is simple,  no – our doors are stylish and secure and here’s why.  Whether you live in a grand castle, a modest 4 bed semi or a 1 bed bungalow by the sea, itʼs ʻyourʼ castle, and one you want to feel safe in. It may be your family home, handed down through generations, or a stop gap until the ʻdream houseʼ comes along. It may be your first home you have bought together, or an executive apartment that fits in with your busy lifestyle. Wherever you make your home, you want to make sure that you are safe and secure, both when you are at home and away.

Security Doors Style versus Security

Stylish Security Doors

You could of course get a couple of Dobermans and let them roam the garden, or have your very own security men on standby, but that is a tad excessive (and costly) for most of us (have you seen how much a Doberman eats, and not to mention the mess it makes in the garden!!!). So you need to be confident that the choice you make when it comes to making your home safe is not only the right one as far as security is concerned, but is also aesthetically pleasing too.

But do you have to have the battle of style versus security, or can you have style AND security???

At Instant Protect, we have a dedicated team who take pride in designing and creating the best security products on the market, that are not only one of the best for all round security, but also fit in with the style of your home too. With over fourteen years experience in manufacturing security doors, windows and other entry systems, we use the best quality materials coupled with the latest technology.

Our doors, windows and safe rooms are created using highly sophisticated computer controlled design and manufacturing techniques, which provide the highest possible levels of precision. This ensures that they are burglarproof, water-tight, soundproof and resistant to fire, smoke and wind. With this constant evaluation, weʼve created a door that is strong, yet light and does not compromise on the highest levels of security.

Our doors and windows can be made to any style or finish and we can even replicate your items, so theyʼre indistinguishable from the originals. Several patented security features have been implemented into the steel structure of the door, which not only makes it impenetrable but also invisible, so that no one will be any the wiser that itʼs a security door. So when it comes to security technology, Instant Protect are the innovators and always one step ahead (and make a lot less mess than the Dobermans…!!!).

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